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Words on the Street is a mystery, a ”what-done-it,” a crime in which all humanity is complicit. A baby is abducted, and the Seven Deadly Sins call a summit meeting at which they play out their power struggle. Pandemonium reigns in a dystopian world teaming with falsehood and plagued by threat.  This book of poetry, written by Anna Rabinowitz, has been transformed into a hybrid performance event, collaboratively conceived and developed by the writer, director Kristin Marting, video designer Lianne Arnold, and the late composer Matt Marks (1980-2018). The performance features a diverse ensemble of 7 performers including acclaimed soprano Lauren Flanigan (New York City Opera) and John Kelly (James Joyce’s The Dead), wielding original music, text, and video.
Additional Performers include Sumayya Ali (The Great Comet), Paul An (New York Philharmonic), Caitlin Cisco (“Orange is the New Black”), Paul Pinto (The Great Comet), and Adrian Rosas (Seattle Opera)
Additional Compositions by Lainie Fefferman, John Glover, Mary Kouyoumdjian, David T. Little, Kamala Sankaram, Caroline Shaw, and Randall Woolf
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Admission FREE with any performance ticket (save proof of purchase)
10/29 – Poetry Meets Music: What the blending of artistic forms contributes for writer, composer, and performer
Words on the Street artists:
Anna Rabinowitz, poet
Mary Kouyoumdjian, composer
Lauren Flanigan, soprano
Moderator: Matthew Gray, Producing Director of American Opera Projects
11/1 – Visual Integration: Multi-media in live performance
Words on the Street artists:
Kristin Marting, director
Lianne Arnold, video artist
Facilitator: Kevin Cunningham, Exec Artistic Director, 3-Legged Dog Media & Theatre Group

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