I’ts Not Just You Who’s Covered

Let’s see exactly who is covered by apartment insurance: 
Significant other

When you both say “I do,” what you really mean is “we’re covered.” Both of your belongings are covered by your policy.

And apartment insurance is LBGTQ-friendly — domestic partners are covered automatically, and other partners can be added at no charge. (Common-law marriages are recognized by insurance companies).
Kids in college

With apartment insurance, you can give your matriculating child the gift of security. As long as they’re full time, under the age of 21, and living on campus, damage or theft to their dorm room belongings are covered (for some companies, age limit varies as well as off-campus vs. on-campus).

So all they need to worry about is waking up in time for chemistry class.

You don’t buy apartment insurance anticipating that Sparky will bite a neighbor, but let’s face it: if he does, the damage is covered — unless Sparky has bitten before or is classified as one of the “vicious breeds.”
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