This summer’s must-have accessory is like having the borough’s best bartender right in your pocket. It’s the 2017 Brokelyn Beer Book, and having one is like having your favorite suds slinger tell you “this one’s on the house” all year long.

For only $30, you get 30 beers at a selection of 30 carefully curated watering holes, gastropubs, dives and craft beer bars in the borough, including Brooklyn Brewery, The Graham, Rocka Rolla, Skinny Dennis, Pine Box Rock Shop, and many more. All you need to do is hand over your coupon for a free cold one. 

The handsomely designed books make great gifts (for your friends, loved ones or even yourself). Each coupon also contains a little bit about the establishment, so you can feel like a real Anthony Bourdain when you chat about it with your friends. 

Books are going fast, so don’t miss your chance to get yours today!

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