Are you a business owner or know one? We’re talking to you.

NYC is likely to lose 500,000 jobs because of the COVID-19 outbreak (source: The Center for New York City Affairs at The New School) and we’d like to help make a dent in the opposite direction.

It doesn’t matter if it’s remote, in-person, high tech, low tech, tech support, desk work, delivery, call center, or anything in between. If the job is in New York City and you want someone from New York City, we want to know about it.

Just as we’ve been telling people about the best free and cheap things to do in New York City for over a decade, we want to start telling people about available work. For this project, we’ll be working with the briefly to help widen the search for good jobs available in New York City.

Fill out this form if you’ve got a job available and let’s get some New Yorkers hired.

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