Want to eat healthy with zero work?

Multiple choice! Eating healthy is:

a) too hard
b) too expensive
c) super easy

If you answered “c,” you probably already know about Hungryroot so you can stop reading right now. Haven’t heard of it? Hungryroot is a brand of nutritious, healthy food delivered right to your door. It’s all designed to easily mix and match together or with whatever you have, so you can always make healthy, tasty food fast.

Along with helping you eat healthy, here’s what makes Hungryroot better than the grocery store:

Fresh-Cut Veggies and Pre-Washed Greens
The cauliflower: riced. The brussels: chopped. The superfood greens: washed and ready to eat. Hungryroot does the work so you don’t have to.

Pre-Prepped Grains
No waiting for grains to cook, or wondering if your carbs are complex enough. Hungryroot only sends whole grains, most of which are ready in 90 seconds.

Clean Proteins
From sustainably sourced salmon and chicken sausage to tofu and seasoned beans, all Hungryroot protein arrives fully cooked and ready to heat and enjoy.

Versatile Sauces
Boom: instant flavor. Hungryroot’s sauces turn simple veggies into something you want to write a sonnet about. Fan favorites: Thai Peanut and miraculously dairy-free Cashew Cheddar.

For when you have actually zero time: on-the-go salads, soups, oat cups, and more—made from clean ingredients and ready at a moment’s notice.

Once you try Hungryroot’s Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough or Black Bean Brownie Batter, you’ll understand why they’re known for blowing minds. Eat ‘em raw with a spoon, or bake them.

Ready to eat fresh, healthy food with zero work? Visit and use code SKINT20A for 20% off your first two deliveries.

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