So, you know how airlines sometimes offer cheap, last minute seats when their planes aren’t full? Or how hotels offer discounted rooms when they haven’t reached capacity? Well guess what: now restaurants can do the same thing.

Introducing Crave, the newest app taking New York City by storm.

Crave is newest app to help you score great deals every day at NYC’s top restaurants!

Through Crave, restaurants can post time-limited deals during their off-peak times and customers can eat out for up to 50% off – it’s a win-win for both parties.

Here is a short list of what’s happening on the app today & tomorrow!

• Sons of Thunder | All Day 50% off Poke-bowl + drink

• Drunken Dumpling | All Day 50% off Dumpling + beer

• Saar Indian Bistro | 40% off 12-2:30pm, 5-10pm

• Shinsen | 40% off 12-7:30pm

• Rai Rai Ken | 40% off 12-7pm

• Benson’s | 40% off 12-7pm

• Feast | 35% off5-7pm, 9-10pm

• Sonnyboy | 30% off 8am-4pm

• Tijuana Picnic | 30% off 6-7pm

• The Bean | All Day Free Coffee

… And plenty more!

You can also add 5% to any of these deals with the promo code SKINT
(limit one code per customer)

So, what are you waiting for? Download Crave now and eat out, more often!

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